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Through out the year, luncheons, tours, lectures and trips are planned for member's pleasure and personnel growth. 


 Opening Luncheon


The opening luncheon will be held at Lake Delta Inn on October 5th starting at 11:30. Reservations can be made by mailing in your check to Betty Ann Harper. Entertainment will be the magic of Leon Etienne.

Co-Chairs: Carol Boltz Feola and Betty Ann Nunn Harper Committee: Virginia Wilson Craiglow, Kay Borreson Engelbert, Gail Kenny Evans, Jeanne Lee McDowell, Sharon White McEwan, Ellen Pouliot, Joanne Wilson Rosenburgh, Sheila Houser Semo, Sheila Nunn Murphy, Ann Weidenfeller

Christmas Party

The closing tea will be held on March 22 at 12 noon. Registration begins at 11:30.

The program will be:
" Harp and Soul"

presented by Patricia Beatty

Details will be announced later.

Committee:   Barbara Vaccaro Jalbert, Sandra Smith Morris, Linda Dorety Petrie

The Christmas Party will take place on Wednesday, December 14th following the WMC Singer's Holiday performance at the First Presbyterian Church.

Details will be announced later.

Luncheon CoChairs: Maxine Perfetti Strong, Martha Clarridge Washburn, Margaret Haney Palmer


Closing Tea

Lectures, Trips, and Tours 

Sacerdote/Common Ground

We are blessed to live in a community where  we can come together to learn from  the top people in their field. 

Bus transportation and preferential seating at Hamilion College is an experience worth waiting for. 

Spring Bus Trip

It is always a thrill to learn what the trip committee has selected for our spring bus trip. This year we will travel to Lorenzo in Cazanovia, with lunch at Brae Loch. And then a spectacular shopping adventure at Johnny Applesee. The adventure takes place on June 7 and the cost is $70. More details to follow.

MWPAI Group Tour

Later this year, a tour of MWPAI's summer show will be announced.

Way off in the future we will again bring our tea and crumpets to the computer and enjoy them in the comfort of your own home..

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